Nişantaşı Perdeci


Aydın Curtain, often uses high quality Indian silk in the design. We have a ride collection consisted of Dupion and Jacquard silk, taffeta, and organza tulle. Aydın Curtain meeting the aesthetic and art in the curtain with the rich border and accessory options, while following the world trends welcomes the customers with the original designs.

Windows are the eyes of our houses opening to the world. And the curtains eye lids…Do not underestimate the curtains. The choice of the fabric type, pattern, and color requires attention. It has to reflect the decoration style and spirit of the house because the curtain is one of the most important elements that add integrity and color to the place. In this case you should ask for advice from a competent person.

We are interviewing with Aydın Kuyumcu, the owner of Aydın Curtain which has built a reputation with boutique designs for people and for places in their store in Nişantaşı. Here you may feel that you are in a castle of a noble man who lived in the 15th century. An aristocratic and noble atmosphere is dominant in the decoration of the store. The curtains seem like a work of art.

In fact Kuyumcu, in accordance with his surname, started as a jeweler to his professional life. Due to the economic crisis at the beginning of the 70s by leaving his job he tended to be a furnisher. In his own words, after getting experienced in the sector, continued to work as a business owner and in 2000 Aydın Curtain has emerged as a result of 30 years of experience and professional background.

The most important feature of Aydın Curtain designs is the aesthetic images. However, it attaches importance to the functionality as well. We ask Aydın Kuyumcu, who achieved to apply classic and modern styles, the stages of curtain designs. He says “The most important points of this work are; measuring, cutting, sewing, and installation”, and adds:

"First of all we measure the dimensions of the windows and record the images of the place in the camera. While designing the curtains it is necessary to pay attention to the decoration form of the house. After determining the colors, fabric type and style, among a few drawings we decide which one to buy together with our customer. Finally, we do the sewing and installation".

Kuyumcu indicates that they continue to keep in touch with the customer also after the installation of the curtains because as long as the curtains, designed by Aydın Curtain, are used, all the responsibility belongs to the company.

With the aesthetics in the design, unique patterns and high quality fabric options Aydın Curtain, appeals to all tastes. Aydın Kuyumcu, states that they have been working on more classical modals, and with the help of the design team, he himself conducts the works. While creating the designs the most emphasized point is that the compatibility of the general decoration of the place and the curtain style. For instance, a classic curtain does not match in a very modern place, or modern curtains in a classic place. In such cases Kuyumcu; gives suggestions regarding the decoration to his customers.

"You can put Picasso painting in a very classic furnished house. Moreover, it may look very elegant. So why can not a modern style take place in a classic furnished house? I mean, not to mix the styles completely. For example, a change only on one side of the wall may seem very nice".

The classic curtains are the favorites of Kuyumcu, owner of Aydın Curtain, who says "The curtain is the dress of a house”. In his opinion, the style of curtain is always popular. He says that the modern style is innovative and changeable and adds “The classics never change; they are always used".